CPAP Supplies - Amara CPAP Headgear

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This CPAP headgear is manufactured by Respironics and comes in LIGHT BLUE.

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Amara Full Face CPAP Headgear

(by Respironics)

Amara Full Face CPAP Headgear

(by CPAP Industries)

This CPAP headgear is manufactured by CPAP Industries and is a direct replacement for the Respironics Amara headgear. It comes in BLACK only.

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With gel and silicone options and our one “click” design, Amara delivers performance and ease of use for your patients. With the addition of a gel cushion option, Philips Respironics has made the ingeniously-simple Amara full face mask even more brilliant. Your patients can now choose the type of comfort they prefer in their cushion with gel or silicone options.

Amara Gel:

  • Conforms to the contours of the face, providing an exceptional seal and comfort 
  • Smaller and lighter than the leading traditional full face mask 
  • Our latest gel technology, designed to help improve patient success

Amara silicone:

  • Attractive option for patients who prefer the look and feel of clear silicone with seal performance
  • The smallest, lightweight traditional full face mask on the market