Enjoy comfort and a great seal with the world’s first nasal mask featuring both Custom Fit Technology™ and an Active Headgear Connector™. With three sizes and a Flexible Spacebar, Aura® will give you the rest you deserve.

Product Features:

AIR Gel Cushion - provides gentle cushioning to protect the skin from pressure points and irritations.
Active Headgear Connector - moves as the patient moves for a reliable seal.
Custom Fit Technology - The shapeable shell of each mask can be molded to fit individual needs. Flex, Fit, Forget.
Flexible Spacebar - A unique bendable design provides stability and holds a seal without contacting the skin.
360° Rotating Elbow - for optimal tube positioning and easier mobility.
Quick Release Headgear - ensures easy fitting and fast removal.

Aura Nasal Gel Mask with Headgear

Buy 1 Mask with Headgear for  $65.00 each

Aura Nasal Gel Mask

Aura Nasal Gel Mask with Heagear