This CPAP headgear is manufactured by CPAP Industries and is a direct replacement for the Respironics ComfortGel Blue headgear. It comes in BLACK only.

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ComfortGel Blue – the next generation of comfort and technology, delivering everything you’ve come to expect. An even higher level of patient comfort and an enhanced overall experience make ComfortGel Blue a mask choice more of your patients will embrace.

Staying true to our time-proven blue gel masks, we’ve retained the globally popular comfort and fl exibility features you expect, while enhancing patient comfort even more. We’ve incorporated an improved forehead pad designed to help reduce pressure points, and developed a lower profile exhalation port with an integrated swivel that quietly directs air fl ow up and away from a bed partner.

We’ve also adopted a new gel formulation. All designed with an enhanced patient experience – and better compliance – in mind. And, using ComfortGel Blue with Philips Respironics System One Resistance Control will deliver optimum PAP therapy and therapy comfort.

ComfortGel Blue CPAP Headgear

(by Respironics)

This CPAP Headgear is manufactured by Respironics and comes in BLACK.

Buy 1 CPAP Headgear for $19.95 each

Buy 1 CPAP Headgear for $17.95 each

Buy 2 for $14.95 each

ComfortGel Blue CPAP Mask Headgear

(by CPAP Industries)

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