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Reusable DreamStation CPAP Filters

The Reusable DreamStation CPAP filter is made from a fibrous material that traps large particulate matter, such as: pollen, dust and pet dander. This type of CPAP filter will not filter out microbial particles (i.e. viral and bacterial particles). The primary purpose of this CPAP filter is to prevent damage to the CPAP machine motor. It is not intended as a patient filter.

The use of this filter is a critical component in keeping a CPAP unit running longer and more efficiently. The DreamStation CPAP filter captures a wide assortment of dust, pollen and contaminated air particles.

The reusable DreamStation CPAP filter is the darker blue of the two filters. This is a single filter and frame only and does not include any other parts or products.

The Reusable DreamStation CPAP filter is permanently attached to the blue filter frame and cannot be removed. This reusable filter should be washed at least once every two weeks. 

The Disposable DreamStation CPAP Filter is a high-efficiency filter designed to filter small dust particles and allergens. They are made of non-woven acrylic and polypropylene fibers with a polypropylene carrier. The combination of materials helps block even the very finest of particles. 

The disposable DreamStation filter is housed in the lighter blue frame and can be used in conjunction with the reusable filter in the darker blue frame. 

The disposable DreamStation CPAP filter should be replaced every 30 days or earlier if it shows sign of damage or appears dirty. This is a disposable filter that must be replaced regularly and cannot be washed.

DreamStation Disposable CPAP Filters​

CPAP Supplies - DreamStation CPAP Filters

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