CPAP Supplies - Mirage Micro CPAP Headgear

This CPAP headgear is manufactured by Resmed and comes in BLUE.

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Mirage Micro CPAP Headgear

(by CPAP Industries)

This CPAP headgear is manufactured by CPAP Industries and is a direct replacement for the Resmed Mirage Micro headgear. It comes in BLACK only.

​**The Resmed CPAP Chin Strap is commonly purchases with this headgear.

The ResMed Mirage Micro™ nasal mask provides personalized fit, seal and comfort for a wide range of patients. Working with the proven Mirage™ dual-wall cushion, the Mirage Micro’s unique MicroFit dial offers a personalized fit that can be fine-tuned to suit each individual patient.

Adjustable. Easily adjustable while on the user's face and lets patients sense when the fit is most comfortable.

Precise. As the dial adjusts the angle of the mask to the face, the dual-wall cushion adapts to enhance the seal without the need for over-tightening the headgear.

Accommodating. Deep mask frame design accommodates a greater range of nasal structures

Quiet and comfortable. Quiet and streamlined, the Mirage Micro features quiet venting that gently diffuses air away from patients and their bed partner.

Convenient. Comprehensive user support package includes travel bag and user guide with mask fitting and care instructions.

Buy 1 CPAP Headgear for $17.95 each

Buy 2 for $14.95 each

Mirage Micro CPAP Headgear (by Resmed)