The Resmed-style CPAP chin strap is a comfortable, easy to use, and effective.  Designed after the popular ResMed standard chin strap, the ResMed-Style CPAP chinstrap includes lightweight, breathable material, a fabric "cup" to hold the chin in place, and adjustable Velcro closures. A snug and secure design ensures that the patient's chin will be held in place while the patient enjoys a comfortable sleep experience.

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We have a wide selection of Resmed Headgear for masks from the most recently introduced masks like the AirFit Full-face and Nasal masks to the venerable Mirage Quattro and Mirage FX-series. We carry the original Resmed products, as well as after-market versions of the most popular styles. These versions are as priced as low as one-half the cost of the Resmed Heagear and carry a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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